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Near Franche Road, Leicester

Leicester - Fosse Ward


3 Weeks ago I reported post 3 on Franche road not working. I reported again a week later, both jobs were closed, but the post is STILL NOT WORKING!! I have not been notified of any work that is due on this post via email. IS IT REALY ACCEPTABLE TO HAVE TO REPORT SOMETHING 3 TIMES AND IT STILL NOT FIXED! I might also state anyone noticed just how many lights that should be on are actually not working since LED switch lamps??!! LCC cutting cost?


Reported 11/09/2019 12:52
Completed Yes On 11/09/2019
Visible to public Yes
Category Street Lighting - Light not working
Status Closed
Job Code 1525725

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11/09/2019 13:47 We’ve arranged for this matter to be resolved as part of scheduled work. We’ve closed the case, and the work will be carried out as soon as possible.

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